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Be Proactive | It Takes a Village

It’s inevitable. This time of year, the constant worry is always in the back of your mind – will it be my town next? Am I prepared? What can I do? The question is no longer if, but when will the next big fire hit.

These heat waves are hitting sooner and lasting longer than ever before. Bouts of rain are few and far between. Fire season is getting longer and starting earlier each year. California is a giant tinderbox sitting unguarded at the mercy of Mother Nature – and careless humans. Our resources become stretched thin. Our local, volunteer, and borrowed first responders work tirelessly, often sleepless for days on end on the frontline of wildfires. As soon as one gets knocked down, another begins, and as seen more recently, handfuls of simultaneously burning infernos rage across the state. A literal hell on earth

Although we have no immediate control over the weather patterns or climate change, we do have full control on what we can do to better harden our homes, properties, and neighborhoods. Fact: fires are going to happen. Regardless of the origin – natural or manmade – there are proactive ways to better protect from the threat of fire. Ember Defense offers multiple, custom tailored solutions for home and property owners. From retrofit vents and gutter guards, to long-term fire retardant and customized sprinkler systems, we provide a one-stop-shop for home hardening solutions

Beyond what Ember Defense has to offer, there are many ways that you as an individual can be proactive against fire and ember threats in your neighborhood and community.

You can: 

  • Set up or join your local Fire Wise/Fire Safe Committee 
  • Suggest monthly green waste clean-up days to your HOA or neighbors i.e. – clean up pine needles and other plant debris, cut back weeds, and overgrown plants on roadsides and vacant lots, etc.
  • Have an elderly or disabled neighbor? Offer to clean their roofs/gutters, rake their yard, or trim up their landscaping
  • Evaluate your defensible space each season. After Ember Defense’s initial evaluation of your property, be sure to maintain and upkeep the space around your home and property. 

Keep in mind, by hardening your home and property, you are increasing the chance of withstanding ember storms thus decreasing the threat of spot fires. Now imagine if you could get your whole community to do the same! In theory, by having a whole neighborhood ban together and take simple measures like protecting their exterior vents and maintaining defensible space, it could possibly slow the fire threat in the area allowing our firefighters to knock it out more efficiently…. Nothing says this is a cure-all for the fire threat, but at this point, any step that decreases fire spread is a good one. 

If you have questions or are interested in a home evaluation, please contact Ember Defense. Already a client? Thank you, we truly appreciate your business. Refer us to your neighbors! As the old adage goes, it takes a village.