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Ember Defense Brings Together Fire Safety Products from Around the World

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: RENO, NV (March 21, 2022): Wildfires are not a unique issue to the United States. While the world is seeing an increase in both the number and the severity of wildfires, Canada and Australia are some of the hardest-hit countries. It’s not surprising then that two of the best options for wildfire sprinklers were created in these countries. 

Canada, like much of the United States, is experiencing extreme drought in many of its provinces. 2021 saw record temperatures, above-average in the number of fires, and nearly double the area burned against a 10-year average.   

W.A.S.P, a Canadian company, was born out of necessity and offers Wildfire Protection Kits that include sprinkler brackets that mount onto the home’s gutters. The brand also offers structure protection units (SPUs), industrial equipment, water fire pumps, and equipment rentals. Ember Defense is proud to offer its customers all W.A.S.P products to protect their homes and assets. 

Bushfires in Australia burn hot and fast and residents have become normalized to expect massive destruction. The world will never forget the record-breaking bushfires in 2019 and 2020 that left 33 people dead, thousands of homes destroyed, and over 65,000 miles burned. 

Platypus Sprinklers is an Australian wildfire sprinkler company that provides homeowners with an automatic sprinkler system. The dual outlet heads spin on a central shaft, shooting water out and down in a continuous 360-degree stream. The system turns on automatically once the ambient air temperature reaches a critical point. 

Both these companies needed distribution channels in the United States and Ember Defense offered a quality outlet. As the leading home-hardening company on the West Coast in the United States, Ember Defense provides customers with robust evaluations and the best wildfire protection products on the market, including W.A.S.P Wildfire Protection Kits and Platypus Sprinkler Systems. 

“By partnering with both WASP in Canada and Platypus in Australia, we are forging a global wildfire alliance,” says Adam Iveson, cofounder of Ember Defense. “By bringing together these suppliers and their innovative products, our goal is to connect wildfire communities and offer them as many solutions and share as much information as possible.”

Home-hardened communities have a much higher chance of staying standing in the event of a rapidly spreading wildfire. Visit the Ember Defense website to learn more about their home-hardening services.


About Ember Defense

Ember Defense is a home-hardening company that specializes in fitting homes with fire and ember-proof vents, gutter guards, wildfire sprinkler safety systems, and provides home wildfire insurance consulting and fire safety consulting. For more information, visit https://emberdefense.com/.

About W.A.S.P

W.A.S.P provides customers with wildfire protection equipment. The Canadian-based company is on a mission to provide affordable solutions to wildfire containment and urban interface fire fighting. Learn more at https://waspwildfire.com/.

About Platypus Sprinkler

The Platypus Sprinkler and Controller is an automatic wildfire sprinkler system designed to protect the home from dangerous embers. The Australian-based company offers customers an affordable and sensible ember-protection system. Learn more at https://platypussprinkler.com/.