private fire fighting fair

Ember Defense Featured at Private Fire Fighting Resource Fair in St. Helena, California

Ember Defense was recently invited to attend the Private Fire Fighting Resource Fair in St. Helena, California in Napa Valley. Organized by Heffernan Insurance Brokers and Napa Valley Vintners, the fair featured home hardening product vendors, many of which Ember Defense works with to help protect their customer’s homes and businesses.

Vendors in attendance included:

  • Ember Wildfire Defense: Structure Hardening Packages
  • WASP: Type 2 Structure Protection Trailers
  • Jess Wills: Firestorm Private Protection
  • FireBozz: Portable Fire Fighting Saturation Systems
  • waveGUARD: Fully Autonomous Structure and Perimeter Sprinkler Systems
  • FireGuard Prevention Services: Long Term Fire Retardant
  • Valor Gutter Guard: The Ultimate in Gutter Protection
  • Vulcan Vents: Fire and Ember Safe Vents
  • Kaos Sheep Outfitters
  • Airocide Air Purification Systems by NASA

The fair was set against a backdrop of one of the oldest wineries in Napa Valley, Charles Krug Winery. As such, many vintners and winery owners were in attendance to learn about how hardening their structures can help protect their properties and collections from wildfires. 

It was a day of education and presentation as many of the vendors demonstrated their products to see how effective they are when facing the threat of fire. 

FireBozz features the Firebozz Original and the Firebozz Mini, portable sprinklers that shoot waves of water toward oncoming flames. These sprinklers can be connected to create a firebreak and moved to fight fires more efficiently.

firebozz sprinklers

Vulcan Vents was also at the fair and showcased how their vents swell up in the presence of intense heat, flames, or embers, effectively blocking fire from entering the home or business.

vulcan vents demonstration

waveGUARD, a fully autonomous, automatic sprinkler system also demonstrated how efficient their product is when installed in and around a home or business. The sprinkler system is installed on the roof and under eaves of homes or businesses and automatically emits a mix of water and fire retardant in the presence of intense heat or flames. The system also runs on its own water system, which can be vital if utilities are turned off during a wildfire.

waveguard sprinkler

WASP unveiled their new remote or satellite-controlled WASP box which can be turned on after evacuation. 

Finally, FireGuard Prevention Services, new partner of Ember Defense, had a table set up at the fair to talk about Phos-Chek Fortify application, an eco-friendly, long-lasting fire retardant that can be sprayed on vegetation, decks, and fences around the home or business, rendering them non-flammable. 

FireGuard Prevention Services is able to come to a home even during a fire to spray Phos-Chek to protect the perimeter around a home or business.

fireguard prevention services and ember defense cars

The event saw beautiful weather, however the temperatures were warming up quickly and there was a breeze, reminding everyone that fire conditions are dangerous this season. It was great to learn about new products and catch up on industry news.

Ember Defense frequents these types of events all around California in order to educate the public on home hardening techniques and talk with vendors about new products and fire news. 

Find out more about Ember Defense’s Home Hardening Package here. It was built with a lot of feedback from fairs like these!