Ember LTR Truck

Ember Defense Signs Agreement with Perimeter Solutions to Help Protect Homes and Communities from Wildfire in 2022 with PHOS-CHEK® FORTIFY®

Clayton, MO 23 March 2022 – Perimeter Solutions (NYSE: PRM), a leading global manufacturer of high-quality firefighting products and lubricant additives, announced today that it is partnering with Ember Defense, an all-inclusive home-hardening provider and one of the leading wildfire preparedness companies in the country, to professionally treat properties with PHOS-CHEK® FORTIFY®, an uncolored, ground-based long-term fire retardant that provides extended protection from wildfires.

“Ember Defense is always looking at the most reliable and trusted solutions to bring to our homeowners, commercial partners, and communities. This includes everything from fire and ember proof vents, to gutter guards, as well as long-term fire retardant,” said Devan LeBlanc, co-founder of Ember Defense. “As we work to expand across the Western United States, we want to apply the most environmentally responsible, and most highly effective wildfire protection solutions to our customer properties, which is why we have chosen to partner with Perimeter Solutions and use PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY as our LTR application.”

PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY helps prevent wildfire ignitions and protect assets in the path of incoming wildfires. The ground-applied, uncolored retardant has extended durability and greater adherence to flammable vegetation than any other product in the industry. With a single annual application, it can help to protect assets for the entire fire season, until a significant rain event occurs. In addition to Ember Defense deploying the breakthrough long-term retardant product, utilities, railroads, transportation agencies, insurance companies, and other high hazard industries are utilizing the product to help prevent wildfire ignitions and proactively protect their property and assets from wildfires.

Through this partnership, Perimeter Solutions will work to ensure Ember Defense has a trained team of service professionals to properly apply PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY so that they can ensure the homes and properties where it is applied are protected during the upcoming wildfire season. Ember Defense, which has extensive experience in long-term retardant application, will represent the PHOS-CHEK brand in parts of California and across parts of the Western United States, according to Wes Bolsen, Business Director of Wildfire Prevention and Protection at Perimeter Solutions.

“Perimeter Solutions is a company with experience, responsibility, and integrity in the fire chemical solutions industry, and we only want to partner with companies like Ember Defense that demonstrate the same integrity and responsibility to their customers. We want to put the best long-term fire retardant in the industry into the hands of trained and experienced professionals,” says Bolsen. “Wineries, insurance companies, and many other industries that Ember Defense serves will benefit from this close working relationship between our companies.”

For more information on Perimeter Solutions, visit https://www.perimeter-solutions.com.