drones helping fight fires

How Drones Are Helping Fight Fires

Drone technology is changing the game for firefighters in high-risk areas like California. These aren’t the small, photo-taking drones you’ve seen people use for leisure at the beach or the park, either. The drones that are helping firefighting efforts are a whole new breed designed specifically to help save homes and save lives.

In the past year or so, some firefighting teams have started to incorporate these drones—specifically those from Parallel Flight Technology—into their work. They’re designed for this purpose: They’re heavy-duty, gas-electric powered, and able to travel far and carry significant weight. 

They’re not yet used to transporting water to fire areas to help put them out, though their website says this is eventually the plan. For now, they’re being used to transport crucial supplies to the front lines. 

Since these drones can carry up to 100 pounds of cargo, they’re being loaded with things like hoses, fuel, survival gear, and drinking water. Items like these are crucial for the safety and well-being of those who are fighting wildfires, and drones make their delivery easier and less risky. 

Helicopters or trucks are typically used for this purpose, but both have their drawbacks. Helicopters can’t safely fly when there’s poor visibility from smoke, especially at night. Trucks can’t always get through or get through in time since roads can be overcome with flames or debris. 

Drones, however, can fly autonomously day or night, 24/7, even in zero-visibility conditions. They’re a promising first step toward the eventual goal of completely autonomous firefighting, where human firefighters don’t have to be put in harm’s way. 

It’s not news that wildfires have been getting steadily worse over the years in terms of duration, intensity, and damage caused. Climate change has made it so that more areas suffer harsher fires more often. That means firefighting teams increasingly need more resources to get fires under control to protect against community destruction. Thanks to this new drone technology, getting these essential workers the supplies they need, even in the toughest conditions, is now that much safer and easier.

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