defensible space around home

Phos-Chek® Fortify is the Step That Will Save Your Home This Fire Season

Phos-Chek® Fortify is an award-winning fire retardant that provides season-long preventative protection manufactured by Perimeter Solutions and developed by Stanford University researchers. An annual application using standard equipment effectively coats target trees, plants, and other infrastructure assets that homeowners may not want to, or be able to clear for effective defensible space. 

Phos-Chek® Fortify has been shown to completely stop fire spread, and when applied before fire season, it is able to prevent fire and embers from approaching structures and igniting. The hydrogel acts as a protective barrier that can keep a fire from happening in the first place.

A test with LaderaTech and Cal Fire proved the effectiveness of wildfire prevention using Phos-Chek® Fortify even after experiencing heavy weather. 

When applied to ignition-prone areas, Phos-Chek® Fortify has proven to significantly reduce the chance of combustion even for highly flammable dry grasses. The hydrogel formulation is environmentally friendly and is made from renewable resources. When applied to target high-risk fire fuels like vegetation, decks, and fences, it will enable wildfire season-long retention of polyphosphate retardants, according to Caltrans Division of Research Preliminary Investigation of Surface Applications of Fire Retardants performed in California 2020. 

See the Fortify Safety Data Sheet here

Ember Defense +  Phos-Chek Fortify

Ember Defense now offers Phos-Chek® Fortify services around homes and businesses. 

Applied annually, Phos-Chek® Fortify is used as a long-term preventative wildfire management solution and another layer of home defense. Though it will protect for the entirety of the fire season, even after weathering, it will wash away during heavy winter weather and will need to be applied again every year. 

Phos-Chek® Fortify can also be applied during a fire with Rapid Response. Ember Defense can apply Phos-Chek® Fortify around your home or business, protecting the things most important to you even if a fire is burning nearby. As long as the neighborhood or area isn’t under mandatory evacuation orders, Ember Defense is able to apply the Phos-Chek® Fortify product and halt fire spread.

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