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Wineries Embrace Innovative Wildfire Defense Strategies

Article Referenced: https://www.winebusiness.com/wbm/article/287421 

As wildfires continue to threaten California’s wine country, wineries are turning to cutting-edge solutions to protect their valuable assets. A recent article in Wine Business Magazine highlights how the wine industry is adapting to the increasing wildfire risk by implementing Structure Protection Units (SPUs) and other advanced wildfire defense systems.

At Ember Defense, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this movement, providing WASP Structure Protection Units to wineries across the region. These units include sprinklers, hoses, and other fire suppression equipment that are proven to protect valuable crops.

The article mentions several prominent wineries that have partnered with Ember Defense, including Peter Michael Winery and Cakebread Cellars. These forward-thinking establishments recognize the importance of proactive wildfire defense strategies in safeguarding their properties and businesses.

As Elizabeth Bishop, an insurance industry expert points out, “fire mitigation is an extremely important issue to help clients better prepare for wildfire, not be victims and, ultimately, to garner as much insurance capacity at the best possible pricing.”

This approach to wildfire defense doesn’t just protect individual wineries – it has the potential to transform the entire industry’s resilience to fire threats. By demonstrating their commitment to fire safety, wineries may be able to attract insurers back to high-risk areas and potentially reduce insurance costs and provide insurance to those unable to obtain it.

At Ember Defense, we offer customized SPU solutions tailored to each winery’s specific needs. Our team works closely with winery staff to develop comprehensive wildfire defense plans, including training on equipment use and deployment strategies.

However, it’s important to note that SPUs are just one part of a layered approach to wildfire defense. As the article emphasizes, property hardening, defensible space creation, and other mitigation efforts are equally crucial in protecting wineries from wildfire threats.

As California’s wine industry continues to face the challenge of increasing wildfire risk, innovative solutions like those offered by Ember Defense will play a vital role in preserving this beloved and economically important sector.

To learn more about how wineries are adapting to wildfire threats and the role of Structure Protection Units, check out the full article on Wine Business Magazine’s website.

For more information on how Ember Defense can help protect your winery or property from wildfire, contact us today.