Is your
home prepared for wildfire?

Hardening your home with Ember Defense may protect your home from wildfire devastation, and give you and your family peace of mind as you evacuate.


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Every property is different and has its own unique wildfire risks so we walk the property with the homeowner to customize services.


Our installation teams will come to your home and install fire and ember safe Vulcan Vents and apply long-term fire retardant Phos-Chek Fortify, among other home-hardening updates.


Now your home is protected from weak points where embers often land, enter, and ignite.

Living in high-risk fire areas just got safer.

Home Hardening Works

There have been countless stories of homes staying standing due to wildfire home hardening updates.

Insurance Breaks Are Coming

Insurance companies are now providing discounts to homeowners that make home hardening updates on their properties.

Communities Save Communities

A home-hardened community helps to stop rapid fire spread from home to home. When embers are extinguished where they land, less homes will burn.

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We consider ourselves fire experts. Let us help protect your home and give you peace of mind. It starts with fire knowledge!


What is wildfire home hardening?

Home hardening refers to updates you make on your home, like installing Vulcan Vents and spraying long-term fire retardant, to make it fire-safe. 


What is the WUI?

The WUI refers to the wildland-urban interface, zones of transition between wilderness and homes and structures. These natural environments are deemed higher risk for wildfires. 


Do Vulcan Vents really work?

Yes! Vulcan Vents close off in the presence of high heat, essentially blocking dangerous embers from entering the home and burning it down from the inside out. Countless homes have stayed standing due to Vulcan Vents.


Is fire retardant effective and safe?

Yes! Fire retardant renders vegetation non-flammable and is safe for pets, wildlife, and humans. A season pre-treatment will last through fire season until heavy rains.