Home Hardening

Wildfire Defense System

In order to protect your home best, you’ll want to make sure it can protect itself.

Home hardening includes:


Evaluation for defensible space and home protection


Installation of the best wildfire defense products


Home insurance assessment

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Vulcan Vents

Vulcan Vents are fire-proof vents that close up when fire is near, preventing embers from entering the home. All vents on a home can be retrofitted for Vulcan Vents.


Let us install Vulcan Vents on your home today.

house saved by vulcan vents and wildfire defense products
wildfire safe gutter guards

Valor Gutter Guards

Gutter guards deter flammable debris from clogging up your gutters and becoming a dangerous fire hazard. Valor Gutter Guards are manufactured out of metal which is also a non-combustible material making it safer than plastic.

Ember Defense can install Valor Gutter Guards on your home’s existing gutters.

Protect your home from fire today.

Wildfire Roof Sprinklers

Exterior roof sprinklers are perhaps the layer of wildfire home defense system that will save your home best. Ember Defense offers three types of roof sprinklers for fire protection.

platypus wildfire gutter sprinklers


Platpypus Sprinkler heads are strategically installed around the home and on the roof’s edges to soak the home’s surroundings and put out any burning embers.

wildfire sprinklers


Firebozz sprinklers are portable sprinkler systems that shoot powerful streams of water at oncoming flames. When multiple sprinklers are used together and set up on a line, they become a powerful firebreak.

wasp wildfire sprinklers


WASP sprinklers can be attached to existing gutters around the roof of the house. This sprinkler system is our most cost-effective option and can be installed quite easily using the home’s hoses.

Wildfire Insurance

It’s always a good time to revisit your home insurance to see what you’re covered for before it’s too late. We offer consultation services with Heffernan Insurance Brokers, experts in wildfire insurance, to help you find the right coverage for you and your family.

wildfire insurance assessment

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