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Streamlining the underwriting process

The Guardian program is designed to aid insurance professionals in streamlining the underwriting process by integrating precise, on-ground data into risk assessments. This improvement in risk evaluation accuracy is designed to facilitate more competitive and accurately priced policies, reduce claims losses, and enhance customer satisfaction. Ember Defense’s methodologies include, but are not limited to, IBHS’s “Wildfire Prepared” designation, Fair Plan’s AB38, and are customizable to fit underwriter specific criteria. Our white labeled deliverables offer a clear and accurate analysis so markets can offer policies that are not only fair but also reflective of the actual wildfire risks properties face, enhancing their portfolio's stability and profitability. Guardian serves as a critical tool in an insurer's arsenal.

Key Features

On-site Evaluations and Reports

Detailed assessments to identify specific vulnerabilities to wildfires and onsite conditions.

Action Plans and Execution

Reports that serve as a scope of work for contractors, facilitate mitigation implementations, clearly define emergency action plans, and provide educational materials for general wildfire preparedness.

Annual Site Visits and Recertifications

Regular assessments to keep property evaluations current and reflective of any modifications, maintaining ongoing compliance and insurability.

Contractor Network

Access to a vetted network of contractors trained to implement recommended measures effectively.

Live Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of wildfire events with notifications to property owners in case of incidents.

Consolidated Information Delivery

Simplifying risk assessments for insurance professionals by delivering comprehensive, precise, and actionable reports.

Methodology Compliance

Tailoring reports to fulfill the IBHS "Wildfire Prepared" home designation criteria or whatever adjacent methodology is required by underwriting.

How It Works


Initial Contact

A broker, MGA, carrier, or underwriter contacts Ember Defense with accounts requiring comprehensive wildfire risk evaluations.


Evaluation and Reporting

Ember Defense promptly deploys to the site, conducts a thorough evaluation, and generates a detailed report outlining various mitigation options.


Mitigation Execution

Collaboration with Property Owner

Ember Defense collaborates with the property owner to decide on a course of action based on the evaluation.

Scope of Work and Contractor Engagement

Once the mitigation measures are agreed upon, Ember Defense drafts a detailed scope of work and facilitates its execution by coordinating with vetted contractors from our network. This includes ongoing quality assurance to ensure the mitigation efforts are up to the set standards.


Insurance-Focused Documentation

Property Executive Summary

Ember Defense creates a customized property executive summary tailored to meet specific insurance data requirements, including achieving the IBHS Designation.

Bi-Annual Updates

There is an option for Ember Defense to return to the property bi-annually to update reports and ensure that the conditions remain compliant with insurance standards.

What Separates Us from the Competition

At Ember Defense, our unique blend of expertise, personal experience, and dedicated service sets us apart in the wildfire mitigation and insurance landscape. Here's why we stand above the rest:

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Fire Professionals

We employ seasoned firefighting personnel who understand the dynamics and dangers of both urban and wildfires firsthand.

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Construction Professionals

Our Ember Certified Network contains experts in building and structural safety, ensuring that all mitigation measures are not only effective but also sustainable.

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Insurance Professionals

Our specialists have actual experience in binding coverage and understanding the intricacies of the insurance process.

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