Ember Defense

Simplifying wildfire property defense and insurance coverage

For Property Owners

Taking a proactive approach to property risk management

The Guardian program focuses on delivering comprehensive wildfire risk assessments, actionable mitigation strategies, and quality assurance. These programs were created to ensure property owners have robust measures in place to protect their investments and cherished spaces.

For Insurance Professionals

Providing clear & accurate analysis so markets can offer policies effectively.

Our Guardian reports are customized to aid insurance professionals in streamlining the underwriting process by integrating precise, on-ground data into risk assessments.

A Trusted Network of Wildfire Professionals

Our mission is simple yet profound: to safeguard the west's diverse assets, ranging from the majestic wineries to invaluable real estate developments, and from individual estates to the collective properties within Home Owners Associations. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools such as TechnoSylva and Madronus, coupled with strategic collaborations with entities like WASP, Vulcan, Greenshield Risk, and many more, we ensure that our offerings are both cutting-edge and reliable.


Recognizing the insurance industry's evolving needs in the Western United States we aim to provide a suite of services that not only mitigates risks but also offers an assurance of resilience. In a market scattered with singular solutions, Ember Defense commits to a comprehensive, end-to-end approach, establishing itself as the trusted partner in wildfire protection for a myriad of clients.

WASP Structure Protection Units (SPUs)

Mobile Wildfire Protection Trailers and Firecrews

WASP Structure Protection Units (SPUs) are fully equipped to protect any size structure or group of structures and help protect assets such as individual homes, residential subdivisions, universities, resorts, lodges and hotels, ranches and large industrial sites.

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Fire and Ember-Safe Vents

Gels and Retardants

Wildfire Equipment Rentals and Leasing

Community Protection for Groups of Structures

We offer a variety of equipment rental packages to suit different community sizes and needs. The ability to rent or lease wildfire structure protection equipment allows customers to save on having to purchase, train, and maintain expensive assets. Contact us today to customize an option that fits your budget and needs.

wildfire pump sprinkler pro rental package

Pro Package

Protects up to 8 Structures

High Pressure Pump
Twenty (20) Sprinklers
Fittings & Nozzle
850 ft Fire Hose
Storage Bin
Optional Portable Tank

wildfire pump sprinkler standard rental package

Standard Package

Protects up to 4 Structures

High Pressure Pump
Fourteen (14) Sprinklers
Fittings & Nozzle
500 ft Fire Hose
Storage Bin
Optional Portable Tank

wildfire pump sprinkler lite rental package

Lite Package

Protects up to 2 Structures

High Pressure Pump

Six (6) Sprinklers

Fittings & Nozzle

300 ft Fire Hose

Storage Bin

Optional Portable Tank

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Contractor Requirements:

Pass personal and business background check

Bonded and insured per the state Contractor's Board

Must be properly licensed per State Contractors Board requirements