FireStorm Gutter Guards

FireStorm Gutter Guards were designed to protect homes from the danger of embers! It's estimated that up to 90% of buildings lost in a wildfire are due to ember attacks. FireStorm Gutter Guards prevent this by acting as a shield, keeping embers and flammable debris out!

Dangers of Clogged Gutters

Ember intrusion is a major cause of homes being destroyed in a wildfire, as burning embers can easily ignite flammable debris that may have accumulated in gutters.


FireStorm Gutter Guards play an important role in reducing the risk of ember intrusion by keeping flammable debris out of gutters, eliminating a potential fuel source for a fire.

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FireStorm Gutter Guard Features

Heavy Duty Rails

A heavy duty aluminum rail design allows for a lightweight durable gutter guard that will outlast plastic and uPVC which cracks and warps over time.

High Flow 3D Design

The 3D, stainless steel mesh breaks water surface tension, which keeps water flowing freely into the gutter while keeping debris out.

Stainless Steem Micro Mesh

The stainless steel mesh provides a physical barrier for maximum protection against any debris including wildfire embers!

Reinforced Backing - FireStorm MAX Only

The stainless steel mesh provides a physical barrier for maximum protection against any debris including wildfire embers. It also has an extruding pattern to lift up debris, such as leaves and twigs, allowing the debris to slip right off. This design helps to prevent clogs and blockages in the gutter guard.

FireStorm Gutter Guard MAX has a louvered metal backing that increases the strength and durability. The metal backing allows the gutter guard to handle heavy loads, such as snow and ice, without bending and warping. FireStorm Gutter Guard MAX can only be purchased and installed by Ember-Certified Contractors.

Firestorm Max gutter guard giagram different parts
gutter with leaves in it

Fire Hazards

Ember Defense trusts FireStorm Gutter Guards to protect your home from fire hazards. Gutters get clogged with leaves, debris, and other combustible items brought by rain, wind, and melted snow. If homeowners don’t clean gutters regularly, the amount of plant debris becomes perfect fuel for embers and flames. 

Existing gutters may be made of foam or plastic which is also a fire hazard. These gutters can warp and crack and even catch fire if presented with intense heat. Plastic and foam gutter guards can be a dangerous fire hazard on homes in wildfire-prone areas. FireStorm Gutter Guards are made of metal, making them fire-safe and durable.


Homes in the line of fire need all the defense they can get. From defensible space to vent protection to gutter guards, each part can help keep your house standing in the threat of wildfire. Ember Defense can help.

Ember Defense and
FireStorm Gutter Guards

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Ember-Certified Contractors are all trusted installers of FireStorm Gutter Guards. We trust this high-quality brand as they are the best in the industry.


When it comes to FireStorm Gutter Guard installation, you can trust Ember-Certified Contractors to provide the best service available.


Our installation process is hassle-free. We are experts in what we do, which is to keep your home safe from the dangers of wildfire. Protecting your gutters adds to your layers of defense. By covering the gutters on your home, you are one step closer to minimizing the risk of your home igniting during a fire. It’s time to do everything you can to give yourself peace of mind that your home will be there after you and your family evacuate in the event of a fire. 

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