GuardianTM Concierge Packages

Instead of offering singular solutions, our approach is comprehensive and programmatic. We understand the nuanced variation from property to property and we have the industry knowledge and expertise to bring the appropriate solutions. This includes best-in-class partners in fire tech, evaluation and response teams comprised of seasoned fire professionals, and the Ember Certified Network.

Four Pillars of Ember Defense

drone controller


  • Ember Fire Team onsite inspections
  • Property survey including drone mapping
  • Property due diligence data transfer
  • Comprehensive report build and preliminary scope document
wildfire sprinker mobile water jet


  • Education on property and structure hardening best practices
  • Recommendations for property mitigation needs
  • Project liaison for all structure hardening and vegetation management
  • Consultation on system designs
  • Wildfire response planning
wildfire monitoring software


  • New wildfire detection and active wildfire forecasting
  • Ember Incident Command communicates with property’s point of contact during live incident
  • Live fire mapping and path projections with impact timelines
  • Weekly fire risk outlook with weather reports and alerts
ember defense rapid response wildfire trucks


  • Full time certified Type-6 fire crews
  • Fire retardant application
  • Mobile sprinkler equipment set-up
  • Dedicated incident command technicians during mandatory evacuations

GuardianTM Concierge Services

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Comprehensive Reports

Access to your Wildfire Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan reports, site visit updates, mitigation tracking, and anything related to the hardening of your property against wildfire, all in one place.

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Monitoring & Emergency Notifications

Ember Command Center monitors wildfire conditions 24/7 alerting you when it matters most.

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Premier Wildfire Equipment Rentals

From WASP SPU Trailers to Structure Protection Kits, Ember Defense has options to best suit your budget and property’s needs during fire season.

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Priority Response

Elite Only

Emergency Response & Action Plans created specifically for your property that outline crucial information needed to effectively protect and defend against wildfire threats.

Ongoing GuardianTM Concierge Packages


$ 0.00
  • Property Risk Score & Mitigation Priority Matrix
  • Wildfire Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan
  • Emergency Response & Action Plan
  • Consulting
  • Ember Certified Contractor Network
  • Site Visits
  • Live Monitoring
  • Equipment Rental
  • Wildfire Response*
  • Preferred Insurance Network

GuardianTM Elite

$ 0.00
  • Property Risk Score & Mitigation Priority Matrix
  • Wildfire Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan
  • Emergency Response & Action Plan
  • Consulting
  • Ember Certified Contractor Network
  • Site Visits
  • Live Monitoring
  • Equipment Rental
  • Wildfire Response*
  • Preferred Insurance Network

* Ember Defense does not guarantee onsite response based on wildfire conditions and access.

Structure Protection Kits

The following equipment kits are available to rent for GuardianTM and GuardianTM Elite clients.

Mini Striker Lite wildfire pump package

Mini Striker Lite Package

High Pressure Pump

Six Sprinklers

Fittings & Nozzle

300 ft Fire Hose

Storage Bin

Optional Portable Tank

versax wildfire defense pump cart

Versax Package

High Pressure Pump
Fourteen (14) Sprinklers
Fittings & Nozzle
500 ft Fire Hose
Storage Bin
Optional Portable Tank

watson pro wildfire pump package

Watson Pro Package

High Pressure Pump
Twenty (20) Sprinklers
Fittings & Nozzle
850 ft Fire Hose
Storage Bin
Optional Portable Tank

WASP SPU Trailers


Layflat Hose



Water Bladders


Mobile LED Lighting



PPE Gear

Trailers are outfitted to function off the grid

Firebozz Water Canons

Diesel Pump

Platypus Controller

Layflat Hose


Storage Box

Semi permanent system requires additional fee for scope and installation. Also requires onsite water sources such as pools, ponds, tanks, etc.

Protecting Your Property Just Got Easier

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We Know What Works

There have been countless stories of properties surviving wildfires due to proper preparation and risk mitigation. Ember Defense can consult during this process to ensure all precautions are taken.

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Insurance Premiums are Skyrocketing

Insurance premiums have risen at atronomical rates, leaving property owners with underinsured policies or no coverage at all. Ember Defense can help property owners navigate this difficult process.

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Well-Designed Plans Reduce Risk

A well-prepared property and risk mitigation plan can make the difference when a wildfire presents itself. Our customized services and wildfire protection units allow us to create this plan together.

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WASP Structure Protection Units (SPUs)

WASP Structure Protection Units (SPUs) are fully equipped to protect any size structure or group of structures and help protect assets such as individual homes, residential subdivisions, universities, resorts, lodges and hotels, ranches and large industrial sites.

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Ember-Certified Contractor Network

Contractor Requirements:

Contractors go through extensive background checks.

Contractor's licenses are verified and must meet state regulations.

Contractors must be bonded and insured based on license requirements.

All Ember-Certified Contractors are trained in property wildfire risk mitigation and have full knowledge of the available wildfire defense products.

Ember Defense does not take a percentage of work completed by Ember-Certified Contractors to ensure property owners get the lowest possible price.

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