WASP Structure Protection Units (SPUs)

Mobile wildfire protection trailers and fire crews

WASP Structure Protection Units (SPUs) are fully equipped to protect any size structure or group of structures and help protect assets such as individual homes, residential subdivisions, universities, resorts, lodges and hotels, ranches and large industrial sites. Mobile trailers can be rented with or without certified wildfire crews, or the trailers can be purchased outright.

Customizable Wildfire Defense Trailers

Small, Medium and Large Trailer Sizes

WASP SPUs are customized to be equipped with all the necessary products and gear to defend structures against wildfires. Some of these items are listed below, but additional items can be added upon request.

Items Available

Water Pumps
Layflat Fire Hoses
Gutter Mount Sprinklers
Portable Water Tanks
Variety of Brass Sprinklers and Mounts
Shovels, Axes, Rakes and Wheelbarrows
Safety and First-Aid Kits
Fire Crews Available for Hire

Proven to Protect Structures

How three WASP SPU Trailers protected over 500 structures from a wildfire.

"Three WASP SPU Type 2 Trailers with one senior staff member was sent to assist in a deployment to protect over 500 structures in one town for Cenvous Energy. Our senior staff used local fire fighters to deploy the equipment, then stayed on to supervise and stay ready. The senior staff spent 23 days on site where the town was surrounded by a 180,000 hectare (444,780 acres) wildfire. The only highway in and out was burned over and impassable and the town had lost all power (meaning no hydrant pressure) and cell service. The Structure Protection Unit was able to protect the town using portable bladders and gas powered pumps and not a single structure was lost. In the most dire of circumstances, WASP SPUs are able to provide subdivisions, universities, resorts, lodges, hotels, ranches and large industrial sites from the threat of wildfires. Didn't Lose a Single Structure"


- Randy Cowling, President of WASP

The Key Difference

A method born from British Columbia firefighters

The British Columbian government’s standard for fighting wildfire is to protect structures/communities using water and to let the wildfire burn its course naturally. They use less manpower, save more structures, and it is proven that water works! WASP SPU crews follow this mantra by implementing various techniques to keep all important property wet when wildfires are nearby.

Strategic Partnerships

Ember Defense is embracing the strategies and successes that have been used in BC when it comes to battling wildfire. The relationship with WASP is key in expanding the network of resources to the USA with the goal of protecting structures and assets by using proven methods of defense.

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Grant Programs

Some equipment is eligible for grant programs in both Canada and the United States. We can help you navigate this and ensure you are making the most of these programs.

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Expert Advice

Our team can assist in creating protection programs specific to your requirements so you can rest easy that your assets will be protected in the event of a wildfire.

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