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There's a lot more to gutters than meets the eye

At the edge of most roofs are gutters intended to drain water safely away from our homes. Problem is, most of those gutters harbor debris that can become kindling for embers looking for a place to catch fire. They’re essentially catcher’s mitts that become a safe haven for leaves, needles, burrowing pests, and wood rot- all dangerous combustible material. Luckily, there’s a solution: gutter guards placed over existing gutters to prevent debris build-up.

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Valor’s s-curve design, micro-mesh technology, and metallic construction are what makes them America’s #1 gutter guard. They are essentially metal gutter covers that block debris from getting trapped in your gutters. The sleek, patented design keeps your home looking clean while preventing fires. Plus, gutter guards move water away from the home which prevents fascia boards from rot while protecting home foundations from the effects of saturation. Gutter guards are essential for a well-maintained and fire-safe home. 


Valor offers an upgrade to their gutter guards as well. Valor can add a zinc strip to help deter moss and algae build-up or heat strips to melt ice and snow in the winter. Not only do Valor Gutter Guards help with fire prevention, but they make your roof eaves cleaner and more attractive. 

No homeowner wants clogged gutters! Clogged gutters are not great for curb appeal. Gutters overflowing with moldy leaves can also attract pests, begin to stink, and harbor fungus and bacteria. All of these issues can be solved with gutter guards.

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America’s #1 Gutter Guard

NCR Consumer Reports and Advocacy Group recently named Valor Gutter Guards America’s best gutter guards. Valor Gutter Guards are the best for three distinct reasons:

  1. All Metal WUI Compliant (Wildland Urban Interface)
  2. Superior Micromesh Performance
  3. Durability

Valor Gutter Guards have been tested and proven to do everything a gutter cover is supposed to do. The gutter system prevents debris build-up and clogging while its design promotes high  water flow run-off. 


Your home needs gutter protection more than you think. Valor Gutter Guards are designed to capture and move water and debris from the roof even in heavy rain. Gutters can be essential to protect your roof and foundation from water damage. When a gutter gets clogged, water can soak into the fascia boards on your roof and drip onto the ground below, further saturating the foundation. 


Upgraded valor gutter guards also deter water from pooling and freezing in the winter. As ice dams and large icicles melt, water can seep through roof shingles, the walls, ceiling, and insulation. This can lead to extensive water damage that leads to rotting and mold. 

Without good gutter guards, gutters can clog and not only destroy your home, but also become a dangerous fire hazard.

Fire Hazards

Ember Defense trusts Valor Gutter Guards to protect your home from fire hazards. Gutters get clogged with leaves, debris, and other combustible items brought by rain, wind, and melted snow. If homeowners don’t clean gutters regularly, the amount of plant debris becomes perfect fuel for embers and flames. 

Existing gutters may be made of foam or plastic which is also a fire hazard. These gutters can warp and crack and even catch fire if presented with intense heat. Plastic and foam gutter guards can be a dangerous fire hazard on homes in wildfire-prone areas. Valor Gutter Guards are made of metal, making them fire-safe and durable.


Homes in the line of fire need all the defense they can get. From defensible space to vent protection to gutter guards, each part can help keep your house standing in the threat of wildfire. Ember Defense can help.

Ember Defense and
Valor Gutter Guards

Ember Defense is a trusted installer of Valor Gutter Guards. We trust this high-quality brand as they are the best in the industry. Valor offers a 25-year product warranty which is transferable to anyone who may buy your home down the road. Therefore, installing gutter guards can even be beneficial for resale value.


When it comes to Valor Gutter Guard installation, you can trust Ember Defense to provide the best service available.


Our installation process is hassle-free. We are experts in what we do, which is to keep your home safe from the dangers of wildfire. Protecting your gutters adds to your layers of defense. By covering the gutters on your home, you are one step closer to minimizing the risk of your home igniting during a fire. It’s time to do everything you can to give yourself peace of mind that your home will be there after you and your family evacuate in the event of a fire. 

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