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Ember Defense Now Offering waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Defense System


Ember Defense now proudly offers waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Defense Systems to its customers. 

As the industry leader in fire suppression technology, waveGUARD™ features a fully autonomous, self-contained, automatic roof and perimeter exterior wildfire defense system that releases water and a proprietary fire-retardant, Micro Blaze Out™. As an eco-friendly, animal-safe product, Micro Blaze Out™ is U.L.-Classified as a Class A and B wetting agent under NFPA 18 and on the federal EPA National Contingency Plan throughout all 50 states.

Once activated, the waveGUARD™ system sends water and Micro Blaze Out™ to all spray heads and nozzles installed on the roof, under eaves, and around the home’s perimeter at once with no zones waiting to cycle on. By lowering the surrounding ambient temperature, raising the level of humidity in the air, and soaking vegetation up to 40 feet around the home, the system deters flying embers from igniting the landscape.

Using infrared detectors, the waveGUARD™ system is automatically activated when a fire is detected up to 400 feet away. Furthermore, the system is monitored around the clock from the waveGUARD™ headquarters much like a standard security system, constantly ensuring that all system checkpoints are functioning properly. A smartphone app is planned to be released in 2022.

Additional waveGUARD™ features include the waveGUARD RoofCool™ function which allows the system to emit only water, bypassing the fire-retardant injection process. This feature allows for roof and perimeter saturation in the event of a heatwave or if there are fires nearby.

“waveGUARD™ has designed a fully autonomous system that relies on no human intervention. By using its own water and power source, the system is self-activating even if the power has been cut to the grid during a wildfire. We want our home and business owners to evacuate to a safe location, and let the system do the work. There is no guessing as to when to start the system at the right time; waveGUARD™ takes care of that for you,” says Kathleen Courier of waveGUARD™. 

“We are excited to partner with the waveGUARD™ Corporation on offering our clients the most advanced, fully autonomous exterior wildfire defense system on the market,” says Adam Iveson, co-owner of Ember Defense. “This will provide another option for home hardening tools to save homes in the line of fire.”

Ember Defense offers Firebozz, WASP Kits, and the patented waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Defense System as roof sprinklers in their home hardening packages. Interested homeowners can find more information on the Ember Defense website: https://emberdefense.com/home-hardening-package/

More information about the patented waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Defense System and to view the Proof of Concept video on a home in Healdsburg, California can be found on the waveGUARD™ website: https://waveguardco.com/.