Navigating California Home Insurance in High-Risk Fire Areas: Balancing Protection and Challenges

wildfire insurance high-risk areas

California’s stunning landscapes, rich diversity, and inviting climate offer a tapestry of beauty that belies the challenges faced by homeowners in high-risk fire areas. Amid the splendor, the looming specter of wildfires casts an urgent call to action—to secure comprehensive homeowners insurance coverage that serves as a bulwark against the unforgiving flames. Yet, recent years … Read more

Wildfire Insurance Gaps in Wildfire-Prone Areas: Navigating Homeowners Insurance Challenges

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Wildfires pose a significant threat to homes and communities in various regions across the globe, particularly in areas like California with high wildfire risk. While home insurance is a crucial safety net for homeowners, the reality is that in some wildfire-prone areas, securing adequate coverage can be a challenge. In this article, we delve into … Read more

Vulcan Vents vs Brandguard Vents

Vulcan Vents vs Brandguard Vents wildfire vents

All houses need proper ventilation. If you pay attention to the homes in your neighborhood, you’ll notice that they’re all equipped with vents for this purpose. Allowing for consistent airflow—especially in the attic and crawlspaces—is crucial for preventing the growth of mold and mildew, keeping heating and cooling costs down, and promoting pleasantly fresh and … Read more

Phos-Chek® Fortify is the Step That Will Save Your Home This Fire Season

defensible space around home

Phos-Chek® Fortify is an award-winning fire retardant that provides season-long preventative protection manufactured by Perimeter Solutions and developed by Stanford University researchers. An annual application using standard equipment effectively coats target trees, plants, and other infrastructure assets that homeowners may not want to, or be able to clear for effective defensible space.  Phos-Chek® Fortify has … Read more

How to Prepare for a Wildfire

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Are You Prepared for a Wildfire? Fires are scary. They spread rapidly and are unpredictable; the best thing you can do is get out of their way and evacuate safely. The hardest part is leaving your home and your belongings behind. But if you know how to prepare for a wildfire, and how to leave … Read more

An Online Tool for Fire Risk

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Buying a home is a major investment, and buyers want to know exactly what they’re getting. That’s why pre-sale home inspections are common. If the house has a crack in the foundation, mold in the basement, an HVAC system on its last leg, or a leaky roof that needs replacing, this is crucial information for … Read more

How do Wildfires Start?

wildland firefirght watching wildfire from afar

We’ve all heard the famous refrain, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” While it’s true that humans are the catalyst for many fires, we’re not the only culprits. There’s more than one way a wildfire can start—from human negligence to natural causes to natural causes made worse by human influence. If you’ve ever been curious … Read more

How Drones Are Helping Fight Fires

drones helping fight fires

Drone technology is changing the game for firefighters in high-risk areas like California. These aren’t the small, photo-taking drones you’ve seen people use for leisure at the beach or the park, either. The drones that are helping firefighting efforts are a whole new breed designed specifically to help save homes and save lives. In the … Read more

Why Do Wildfires Happen in California?

wildfires in california

The wildfires that are widespread and damaging enough to make the national news often take place in California. In 2020 — the state’s worst wildfire season on record — 4,092,151 acres burned, accounting for 4.10% of the large state’s total area.  Many homes and commercial buildings, wildlife habitats and ecosystems, and even human lives were … Read more

Wildfires Used to Be Less Intense at Night—But Not Anymore

wildfire at night

If you’ve caught any wildfire news over the past couple of years, you’ll have noticed that fires are burning more intensely and for longer these days. Take the Cameron Peak Fire in Colorado in 2020, for instance. It raged on from August to December as scores of firefighters struggled to get it under control. It’s … Read more