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Ember Defense Now Offers Financing Through Enhancify

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: RENO, NV (Jan. 13, 2021): Ember Defense, wildfire home hardening company, now offers customers financing options through Enhancify, an online e-commerce platform specializing in connecting homeowners with thousands of top lenders.

Through Ember Defense’s company platform, customers can receive up to $100,000 in unsecured personal loans to use toward home improvement projects including adding fire-safe vents and gutter guards, installing roof sprinklers, and clearing defensible space.

“Here at Ember Defense, we would like to provide the highest quality financing for our customers and give more people the opportunity to invest in hardening their home and property from the risk of fire,” explains co-owner Adam Iveson.

To apply for a loan, customers first specify what they require financing for and enter their credit score through the 256-bit encrypted Ember Defense Enhancify platform. Enhancify’s credit check or comparing options will not affect the customer’s credit score. Next, an Enhancify lending partner will provide personalized financing offers including loan amount, APR interest rates as low as 0% up to 5.99%, loan terms, and estimated monthly payments.

Equity in the home is not required for home improvement loans and Enhancify does not charge prepayment penalties making financing for any project, including fire mitigation efforts, flexible and affordable.

Fires are becoming more common and more destructive and one of the ways homeowners can protect their homes is to invest in fire mitigation updates. Since these updates can be costly, Ember Defense wants to offer customers financing options to help keep their homes safe. With Enhancify loan options, homeowners can turn large-scale projects with Ember Defense into easy, predictable monthly payments.

For more information, visit https://emberdefense.com/financing/