Protect Your
Winery from Wildfire

Is your winery in the WUI or in a fire-prone area? Have you done all you can to protect your assets?


Consider hardening your structures from wildfire hazards like open vents and gutter guards.

Stop fire in its tracks. Ember Defense can help.

The structures on your property will benefit from the following updates:

ember defense wildfire safe vulcan vent installation

Vulcan Vents

winery wildfire safe valor gutter guards

Valor Gutter Guards

winery roof wildfire defense sprinklers

Roof Sprinklers

Ember Defense will provide your winery with an on-site evaluation to suggest structure-hardening tactics. By having multiple layers of defense from smart landscaping to ember-safe vents to gutter guards to sprinkler systems, your winery will be better prepared to stay standing in the event of wildfire.

winery wildfire safe vulcan vents

Vulcan Vents

By retrofitting existing vents with Vulcan Vents you will protect structures from embers entering and igniting, essentially burning the building from the inside out. Vulcan Vents feature an intumescent coating that expands and seals in the event of intense heat.


Embers are the leading cause of fire destruction, traveling miles before the flames. By stopping embers from igniting, the fire has less of a chance of spreading so rapidly.


Adding Vulcan Vents to the vents on the structures at your winery can be the layer of defense that keeps it standing.

Valor Gutter Guards

Gutters are the perfect place for flammable debris to build up and become a dangerous fire hazard. By placing guards over the gutters on the buildings at your winery, you’ll block things like pine needles, dead leaves, and more from piling up and becoming kindling.


Valor Gutter Guards are unique, built with a S-curve design and an all-metal design which also provides a non-flammable material.

valor gutter guards winery wildfire defense
winery sprinkler systems wildfire defense

Sprinkler Systems

An exterior fire sprinkler system can help save your winery in the face of fire. Ember Defense offers three options for wildfire sprinkler systems. For a winery’s purposes, the Firebozz water cannons are recommended.


A sprinkler system may be what saves your winery from succumbing to wildfire.


Learn more about the Firebozz portable water sprinklers below.