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Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

If you’re tired of dealing with clogged gutters, then you might be considering installing gutter guards. That can be a big investment, especially when you have a larger house, but are gutter guards worth it in the long run? To decide, you’ll need to consider what problems the guards will solve for you and what value they’ll offer your house long-term.

Why Clogged Gutters are a Big Problem

Clogged gutters aren’t just a nuisance – they can lead to significant problems and expenses. As your gutters carry water away from your home, they also tend to gather debris, including leaves, sticks, and pine needles. As that debris builds up, it causes clogging and other issues.

If your gutters become clogged with debris, they can overflow, and water can go where you don’t want it – including into your basement and into your foundation. After a heavy rain, water could harm your driveway and landscaping, and if water runs down the side of your home, it will eventually make its way inside. There, it could damage your flooring, siding, and more. 

Debris buildup can clog gutters and cause water to accumulate. That standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and it can encourage algae and moss growth. The weight of the debris and standing water could damage your home’s soffits, and it can soak into your fascia boards.

Clogged gutters can also damage your roof. When water pools in the gutters in the winter, it forms icicles and ice dams that back up into your roof shingles. As those dams melt, water can seep through your shingles and into your home. You could face wall, ceiling, and insulation damage, and that water damage could also lead to mold problems. 

There’s one more risk that comes with clogged gutters: Flammability. Dry debris that builds up in your gutters is also highly flammable. If an ember from a wildfire lands in that debris, it can ignite it – and your house – on fire. 

How Gutter Guards Help

Gutter guards, also called leaf guards and gutter covers, help to prevent debris from being caught in your gutters. They sit in and on top of the gutter, forming a barrier that allows water through but keeps debris out. They help to prevent build-up and clogging, and a quality gutter guard is effective against small debris like pine needles and large debris like sticks. If you have tall trees in your yard, keeping leaves and debris out of your rain gutters can be a major benefit. 

Installing a gutter guard system can help to reduce the amount of time you spend on gutter cleaning. With most debris just falling over and off of the guards, there’s less material to remove, and less hassle involved. Whether you’re the DIY-type or opt to hire professional gutter cleaning services, the job will be easier when you’re not dealing with a ton of backed-up debris. 

Choosing the Right Gutter Guard

Choosing the right type of gutter guard for your house will also affect whether it’s worth the investment. Plastic and foam gutter guards typically lack durability, but they also can warp if they face intense heat, a major downside if you’re in a wildfire-prone area. 

High-quality gutter systems typically do a better job, maximizing your investment. Valor Gutter Guards are one example of a high-quality system that’s worth the investment. Their micromesh technology and metallic construction help to block debris, keeping your gutters clean while also helping to prevent fires. An optional added zinc strip helps to reduce moss and algae growth, or you can opt for heat strips to melt ice and snow to give water a clear path to the downspouts in the winter. These guards solve all of the common problems that you’ll experience with gutters.

Deciding to Invest in Gutter Guards

Whether gutter guards are worth the investment depends on your situation and the challenges that you face. Homeowners who do their own home maintenance, have plenty of time to dedicate to projects, and who can easily access their gutters might decide that it isn’t worth it to install gutter guards.

Alternatively, if you’ve just installed new gutters and want to ensure they function well, gutter guards can be a great investment. This is particularly true if you:

  • Have many trees in your yard
  • Often receive heavy rain
  • Aren’t able to clean your gutters on your own
  • Have a tall multi-story house that makes the gutters largely inaccessible
  • Worry about the potential for wildfire embers to reach your home (live in the WUI)

Investing in a quality product like Valor Gutter Guards pays off in more ways than one. These gutters are backed by a 25-year product warranty, and that warranty is transferable to anyone who might buy your home in the future. Having these gutter guards installed could help to boost your home’s resale value, plus they offer you peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken extra steps to protect your home from damage and wildfires. 

If you’d like to learn more about what the Valor Gutter Guards can do for your home, reach out for an evaluation today.