Ember Defense to Offer Free Home Evaluations in Marin County

Ember Defense, a wildfire home-hardening company based in Reno, Nevada, is proud to announce that they are offering free home evaluations in Marin County for the month of April. A full home evaluation from the fire professionals at Ember Defense is roughly an hour-long process and includes assessing defensible space, evaluating the home’s roof, vents, gutters, and recommending products that will help best protect the home from wildfire.

Hardening a home from wildfire includes installing or retrofitting vents with Vulcan Vents which are made to block dangerous embers from entering the home and igniting from the inside out. In the event of intense heat and flames, the vent will swell to protect the attic and crawlspace. Fire-safe vents are critical in high-risk wildfire zones and are required on new construction in the WUI areas of California.

An Ember Defense home evaluation will also check the gutters on the home to ensure that they are not a fire risk. Ember Defense supplies homes with Valor Gutter Guards which are all-metal gutter covers that keep combustible materials from building up and becoming a fire hazard.

Finally, Ember Defense will recommend home insurance that has appropriate wildfire coverage. All too often, a home will be destroyed by fire and the homeowner won’t realize their insurance doesn’t cover certain damages.

For the entire month of April, Ember Defense will offer free home evaluations in Marin County, an area that has seen numerous destructive fires.

Marin County is in a region that is highly susceptible to large, devastating wildfires, what is deemed the WUI, wild-land urban interface. In fact, the towns of Larkspur, Mill Valley, and Novato, all in Marin County, are considered Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSV) by CAL FIRE. Like homes in the WUI, homes in the VHFHSV are surrounded by native vegetation that is highly combustible. These homes are in areas that are more prone to wildfires and are, as a result, extremely vulnerable.

“Spring rains bring new growth and a lush landscape that only adds to the fuel supply come summer and fall when things have dried out,” said Devan LeBlanc with Ember Defense. “Now is the time to make sure your home has all the best defense mechanisms installed in time for fire season.”

Ember Defense is in the business of preparing homes with the best defenses from wildfires. Homes that have adequate defensible space, are fit with fire-safe vents, and have gutter guards in place have a much better chance of staying standing in the event of a fire.

A free home evaluation will help identify the weak parts of a home and where Ember Defense products are needed most.

Call today to schedule a free home evaluation in Marin County from the fire professionals at Ember Defense: (415) 573-2400’

*in response to COVID-19 precautions and CDC recommendations, all evaluations will be done outside the home with no person-to-person contact.

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