Introducing Ember Defense: The Experts in Protecting Homes from Wildfires

We live in an age where natural disasters like fires are expected to wreak more havoc and leave behind more devastation than ever before. While there are many reasons for fires becoming fiercer and more destructive including increasing development and climate change, they don’t change the fact that homes are being destroyed.  

Fires are unavoidable and homeowners can’t do much when a wildfire is ripping through their neighborhood besides evacuate. However, homeowners can be proactive to protect and mitigate their homes before disasters strike with the help of Ember Defense.

Ember Defense is a wildfire home-hardening company based in Reno, Nevada. Co-founders Devan LeBlanc and Adam Iveson have worked in the fire industry for a long time and know what homes need for the best protection from wildfires.

When a homeowner hires Ember Defense, their fire experts will first visit the home to assess what needs to be done. After determining the home has adequate defensible space, they’ll install vent covers, gutter guards, and exterior sprinklers where necessary. They also provide homeowners with necessary insurance information and resources to make the most informed decision for home fire coverage. 

Adam Iveson, co-founder of Ember Defense, confirms that “defensible space is only part of the equation, retrofitting your home and protecting its most vulnerable areas is the other half of the equation when preparing for a wildfire.”

Homeowners should think of Ember Defense as a thorough consultant that ensures that their home is best prepared to stay standing in the face of a deadly wildfire. 

The majority of homes burn in wildfires due to embers entering the home through vents. Vent guards like Vulcan Vents expand and block deadly embers from burning the house from the inside out. Ember Defense specializes in retrofitting homes with Vulcan Vents, providing homes with the first line of defense. 

“90% of homes lost in a wildfire are due to windblown embers, homeowners can be proactive in their defense against the ember threat,” says Devan LeBlanc, co-founder of Ember Defense, stressing the importance of fire-safe vent guards. 

Furthermore, gutters without guards can become deadly as they collect combustible debris and material. Old, plastic gutters also present a fire risk as they can ignite easily. Ember Defense, therefore, fits homes with all-metal Valor Gutter Guards to prevent gutters from accumulating “kindling” and setting fire to the home. 

A home that has adequate defensible space, fit with Vulcan Vents and Gutter Guards, and has addressed the home’s weak points is a home that stays standing in the wake of destruction. 

Ember Defense services homes in Northern and Southern California and Northern Nevada.


Learn more at https://emberdefense.com/.