Ember Defense Partners with FireGuard Prevention Services to Offer Phos-Chek Fortify Fire Retardant to Customers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (06/22/2021): Ember Defense will now offer customers the option to apply Phos-Chek® Fortify fire retardant around their home or business via their new partner, FireGuard Prevention Services.

Phos-Chek® Fortify is an environmentally-benign fire retardant that can be sprayed on vegetation, decks, and fences around the home, rendering them non-flammable. Easily applied once a year, Phos-Chek® Fortify will last through the fire season and wash away with heavy winter rain.

Originally developed by Stanford University researchers, Phos-Chek® Fortify fire retardant has proven successful against ember ignition. Phos-Chek® Fortify is composed of phosphates found in fertilizers and ingredients approved by the FDA for human consumption therefore safe for plants, animals, pets, and residents.

The defensible space specialists at FireGuard Prevention Services will inspect and assess the critical 30-foot perimeter around a home or business to apply Phos-Chek® Fortify to diminish the risk of ignition in the case of a wildfire.

Ember Defense customers can choose to have Phos-Chek® Fortify applied to flammable materials around the home that they may not want to remove while creating critical defensible space. With the help of FireGuard Prevention Services, Ember Defense can now offer homeowners another layer of defense from wildfire destruction.

“This partnership is the beginning of the new standard in wildfire resiliency for our communities and businesses in California and beyond,” says FireGuard Prevention Services CEO Michael Lozano. “By working in collaboration with homeowners, communities, business owners, counties, and the Fire Service, we are actively increasing the level of preparedness and tangible resilience through education, combined services, and custom solutions.”

While it is best for homeowners to be prepared for fire season by applying Phos-Chek® Fortify far ahead of fire season, Ember Defense and FireGuard Prevention Services are able to service a home when there is a fire burning nearby. The Phos-Chek® Fortify Rapid Response service provides application to vegetation, fence lines, and decks with a fire approaching.

As long as the area is not under mandatory evacuation, Ember Defense and FireGuard Prevention Services will be able to spray Phos-Chek® Fortify fire retardant around the home or business protecting it from igniting and potentially burning down.

Ember Defense looks forward to working with FireGuard Prevention Services to provide homes and businesses with another vital line of defense from wildfire risk.

Visit https://emberdefense.com/fireguard/ for more information.