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Ember Defense Offers New Wildfire Sprinkler Products and Adds E-Commerce Store

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (8/11/20) RENO, NV: Ember Defense, wildfire home-hardening company based in Reno, Nevada, is now a dealer of two new brands of roof sprinklers, WASP and Firebozz, that customers can purchase through their e-commerce platform.

A home’s defense against wildfire is most efficient in layers, starting with the roof. A home that is fit with fire-safe vents, gutter guards, and an exterior roof sprinkler is a home that stays standing in the event of a wildfire. Exterior roof sprinklers are proven to be an effective layer of protection in a home wildfire defense system.

WASP Wildfire Protection Kits include the patented Gutter Mount Sprinkler System with two agricultural-grade sprinkler heads and two sets of forestry-grade lay flat hoses. The WASP sprinkler system can be left running on the home’s water source, continuously soaking the roof and surrounding vegetation long after homeowners have evacuated.

Firebozz sprinklers are portable water cannons that send gallons of water at oncoming flames. Firebozz units can be fit together to create a powerful firebreak to protect a large, industrial structure like a sawmill, winery, or oil refinery, or multiple homes on a street.

“Wooden decks are a significant vulnerability of a home when it comes to embers. Debris accumulates underneath and between the boards making it a prime target for embers to ignite. Without an extensive and costly overhaul, the only real solution is to hit it with water. We have been able to protect vents, gutters, and advise on defensible space but until now, we have not had a good solution for decks and other flammables close to the home.”

A wildfire sprinkler system is the most practical firefighting method, continuously proving to be efficient in dousing embers as they fly miles in front of flames. An extensive study by the Firewise Program in the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources cited the effectiveness of sprinkler systems at protecting not only homes but surrounding combustible landscapes as well.

Ember Defense now offers its clients three options of wildfire sprinkler systems with the addition of the WASP Wildfire Protection Kit and the Firebozz units. Homeowners are able to purchase the sprinklers through a recently-launched e-commerce platform on the Ember Defense website or through a home evaluation where Ember Defense will also provide installation.

Ember Defense is a home-hardening company based in Reno, Nevada that specializes in fitting homes with Vulcan Vents, Valor Gutter Guards, wildfire sprinkler systems, and provides home wildfire insurance consulting. In the business of protecting homes, businesses, and commercial properties from wildfire risk.