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The Numbers Fire Is Reminding Reno Residents to Be Ready

Image via Greater Tahoe Cameras

Strong winds and high temperatures have led to various fires early in Reno’s fire season. Soon after the Poeville Fire was extinguished with the help of a summer rainstorm, the Numbers Fire broke out on July 6, 2020, near Gardnerville and quickly grew out of control.

As of July 9, 2020, the Numbers Fire burned over 18,000 acres and is 20% contained. Three structures and 37 outbuildings were lost and the fire is still threatening residential areas around Gardnerville, however, evacuations have been lifted. The cause of the fire is still unknown but it is a good example of how quickly a spark or an ember can turn into a raging fire with the help of dry grass, sagebrush, and pinyon juniper, prime fuels in northern Nevada.

The Numbers Fire burned fast with the help of high winds when it first started. Favorable conditions mid-week, including lighter winds and increased humidity, helped firefighters get ahead and create containment lines.

While the Numbers Fire spared nearby communities and is mostly burning BLM land, it is a good example of how fast wildfires can spread and threaten homes. We are well into fire season in northern Nevada. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, there have already been more than 140 fires this year that have burned thousands of acres. And it’s only July.

Being prepared as a home or business owner is all you can do. That means having an evacuation plan in place for your family and having products on your home to keep it standing.

Ember Defense | Have Your Home Protect Itself

Many homeowners don’t know that their vents and gutters could be the reasons for their homes burning down. Exposed vents lead to embers entering the home to burn it from the inside out. Clogged gutters make for prime fuel for a fast-moving fire. But both these fire hazards can be avoided.

With Vulcan Vents and Valor Gutter Guards in place, your home is that much more protected from burning down. Fire-safe vents make sure embers don’t enter when they fly against a home, miles before the actual flames. Gutter guards keep gutters clean of debris so that when flames do get close to the house, they have nothing to burn.

The final layer of home defense is an external sprinkler, and lucky for northern Nevada homeowners, Ember Defense is a licensed retailer and installer of a variety of exterior roof sprinklers.

Don’t let your home burn in the case of fire. Call today for a home evaluation and let us help.